Futuring Clean Energy Investments.

Leading Sustainable Energy Impact Investments in South East Asia

Our Company

Invest Energy is a leading sustainable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) energy solutions developer focusing on renewable energy (RE), clean energy (CE) & energy efficiency (EE) projects in the South East Asia region.

Our Businesses

Clean Energy

Our integrated customized energy systems from Co-generation to Waste Heat Recovery plants result in an overall reduction in energy cost and carbon emissions, and a greater efficiency on fuel utilization. These plants provide electricity, steam, and chilled and hot water. Read More

Renewable Power

Comprising a diverse technology base of mini-hydro, utility-scale solar, biogas and other renewable technologies harnessing the power of nature. Our business is underpinned by stable cash flows, with the majority of our power contracted under long-term, inflation-linked contracts. Read More

Energy Efficiency Adaptations

Our tailored applications are adapted to fit your daily operating needs to reduce energy usage and cost while maintaining maximum performance-optimizing energy wastage through the use of analytics, internet of things and various other technologies. Read More

Our Customized Services

Delivering Innovative Energy Solutions To Create A Decarbonized Future Economy.
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Energy Financing

Whether it is building complex energy systems such as Waste Heat Recovery power plants to conventional solar hybrid systems, we provide our in-house IaaS model via the Build, Own, Operate, Maintain and Transfer (BOOMT) concept on a concession basis. Our focus is on Renewable Energy (RE), Clean Energy (CE) & Energy Efficiency (EE) type developments which results in a reduction in overall energy cost, carbon emissions and greater efficiency on fuel utilization and electrical consumption. Read More

Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning (EPCC)

Our in-house data procurement profiling and existing projects serve as our backbone for our EPCC turnkey solutions. From conceptualization to commercialization, the focus will be achieving the plant’s overall design efficiency integrating our services across the board. We further provide additional services such as application of tax incentives and licences. Read More

Technical & Financial Advisory

We lend our global partnership experience in engineering and financial solutions with our big data information from our projects integrated with our experienced techno-commercial engineers, consultants and contractors. This includes specific project advisory to enhance the plant’s overall efficiency including financial modelling assessing the Economical, Environmental, Social & Governance (EESG) aspects of the project. Read More

Data Analytics Operations & Maintenance

A One-Stop-Solution Provider that is designed to provide clients with a care-free solution. Our centralised remote monitoring command centre leverages on real-time software to captures data that is analysed for translation into actionable output, enabling immediate analysis and quick decision making. This provides us with invaluable knowledge and statistics to achieve the systems full potential. Read More

Delivering Innovative Energy Solutions To Create A Decarbonized Future Economy.

Invest Energy’s core purpose is to help customers deploy the best new energy efficiency and distributed generation technologies, in order to better serve their communities and their bottom line.

Our belief is the best technologies are those that benefit everyone. Therefore, we strive to create conditions which generate the most beneficiaries.

We are a passionate team striving to help our clients adapt to a changing market by incorporating the best technologies available.

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