INVEST ENERGY Sdn. Bhd. (INVEN) is a growing international total energy solutions company leading the charge in Renewable Energy (RE) generation, Clean Energy (CE) and Energy Efficient (EE) solutions by providing and investing in innovative, cost-effective, reliable and proven energy solutions. We develop, build, operate, own and maintain sustainable energy facilities and solutions focusing on clean power generation and energy efficient technologies. Our organisation’s ability to be efficient in today’s business and adaptability in copying with tomorrow’s changing demands stems our continuous growth. We use advanced exploration and exploitation technologies and techniques to adapt with changing times and industry innovations. INVEN is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has been in operations since 2011.


Invest Energy is a spin-off company which was formed by ex-individuals of the 50-year old KONPRO Group, an established multi-disciplinary engineering group which specializes in project management, renewable energy, engineering and construction of various projects in the agriculture, chemical and manufacturing industry.

We have been continuously building a team with great depth of experience and knowledge. From the start of its establishment, INVEN has embodied the fundamental ethics of teamwork, integrity, passion, quality and innovation. We have a lean organization including people from various countries sharing and exploiting ideas, executing projects and providing training.

Our clients consists of multinationals, top-tier, mid-tier and government linked companies. With all these affiliations, collaborations, experience and history, we focus on cross integration between various industries. The foundation behind the company’s growth are the founders and advisors, whose vision and commitment to excellence and building relationships will build the company into a well-respected organization that is positioned for future growth.


INVEN’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition towards the mobilization of cleaner and cheaper energy with a full range of increasingly affordable solutions for energy generation, energy analytics, and renewable energy utility plants. We aim to inspire a cultural shift in terms of energy usage by contributing to society by increasing employment opportunities, improving social well-being and protecting the environment. Our business and growth strategy will translate into:-



At Invest Energy, we see problems every day and come up with solutions every day. However, as much as we always try to solve energy problems, we needed more. From technology to innovation, working with governments and industry players, we created a team of diverse people and cultures. We focus on exploration and exploitation of science and technology adapting with our clients changing times and innovations in various industries. That stems our growth!

The founders when initially started, we only focusing on generating electricity for the agriculture sector. And what started from focusing on one industry has now morphed into a total energy solutions services for everyone in every industry. Whether it is providing electricity, cooling or heating, optimizing operations or energy audit and assessments; our aim is to provide it in a sustainable manner and to ensure it is - affordable, reliable and clean. Our commercial and international business is whereby we own and operate a diverse number of power generation assets in the renewable energy sector.

Invest Energy aims to be the driving force for clean energy solutions and energy efficiency in South East Asia with a full range of increasingly affordable energy management systems, solutions and utility plants. We have already raised substantial capital for from prominent funds and individuals to accelerate our vision of transforming energy possibilities.

As we forge partnerships, collaborations and joint-ventures going forward, we are further able to enhance our client experience throughout the entire life cycle. We are continuously developing our story going forward on this journey with industry captains, engineers, universities, technology developers and governments on framework as we never forget the people and the events that will eventually get us where we are.


Invest Energy aims to transform and rediscover energy possibilities via innovation, exploration and exploitation of technology advancement focusing on total energy solutions with persistence for change.