Invest Energy (INVEN) recently won the Best Innovation in Sustainability award from the EUMCCI Europa Awards. Their award-winning project, an Integrated Waste Heat Recovery system has been implemented at Safran Landing System Malaysia (SLSM) in Sendayan Tech Valley, Seremban, Malaysia. The project utilizes the waste gas from SLSM’s plant that is initially emitted to the atmosphere via their chimney towers to produce electricity and heat via a combination of thermal oil heaters and turbines. The electrical power will be used to substitute approximately 20% of SLSM’s existing plant electricity utilization and the heat will be converted in cooling for the entire plant. It will further reduce CO2 emissions by 73% and this will support SAFRAN’s mission of reducing carbon emissions globally.

Invest Energy is a growing international total energy solutions company leading the charge in Renewable Energy (RE) generation, Clean Energy (CE) and Energy Efficient (EE) solutions. Their outstanding innovations will not only increase the overall operating efficiency, and also reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This will also allow for a transfer of technology and could lead to further applications in Malaysia.

Invest Energy aims to solidify its positing in the total energy solutions industry by developing a number of projects based on its innovative technology by 2019.

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