Invest Energy Appoints MTU Rolls Royce For Its Co-Generation Power Plant At Careglove Malaysia

Industry : Glove Production
Project : Co-Generation
Details : Energy Generation – 1500KW, Thermal Oil Heating
Savings : 22% Reduction in Electricity Cost, ~49% carbon emission reduction

Invest Energy has secured a long-term concession to develop a 1.5MW Co-generation Power Plant for Careglove Malaysia, a subsidiary of listed Careplus Berhad. Our integrated solution provided the plant with 1500Kw of electric and heat to supplement its current operations for their internal glove manufacturing purposes which will achieve optimal energy efficiency and a reduction in cost.. The plant also features a proprietary sound insulation capsule integrated into the overall engine setup to keep noise to a minimum.

Invest Energy has appointed MTU Rolls Royce as it’s gas engine supplier for this project given its track record and long-term commercial attractiveness. MTU Rolls Royce will supply and install the gas engine portion of the project. This will form Phase 1 of the project with a future Phase 2 to develop once Careglove’s expansion plant is complete in 2021. The project is located in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan and will be completed in less than 10 months.

Careglove Malaysia is a joint venture company between Careplus Group and Descarpack Descartaveis do Brasil Ltda, a company incorporated under the laws of Brazil and has been in the glove business for over 20 years.