Conceptualization to Commercialization

Step 1: Site Visit

Project site will be visited for a better understanding of the project and provides an opportunity for Invest Energy engineers to meet the customer. A preliminary audit and initial feasibility analysis will be done simultaneously to simulate the impact of the project on the existing operations and the potential savings.

Step 2: Data Collection

High-level perennial assessment of the technical potential and cost-effectiveness of the project will be assessed. It also acts as a basis for a decision to be performed in a more detailed analysis.

Step 3: Financial & Technical Proposal

Energy and cost savings will be discussed to determine the strategies and mode of engagement that caters and best suits the customer.

Step 4: Commercial & Legal Negotiations

Invest Energy offers both outright purchase or fully funded options including comprehensive maintenance and risk management.

Step 5: Detailed Feasibility Study

On commencement, feasibility analysis will be done to determine the viability of the project idea, such as ensuring a project is legally and technically feasible as well as economically justifiable.

Step 6: Project Development

Building and implementing the project within time frame and resources agreed upon.

Step 7: Commissioning & Testing

Upon completion, ensure project is functional and performing efficiently up to standards

Step 8: Savings Commencement & Enhancement

Upon the commencement of operations, both Invest Energy and the Client will be able to view information on-site and remotely via supported performance management modules. Our systems use credible analytics coupled with alarms and alerts over and above monthly savings reports and operational statistics. Typically, a Client will enjoy savings immediately and see increments as the system progresses and very quickly within first two months, the system will optimise the operations fully.