District Cooling Plants

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District cooling system distributes cooling capacity in the form of chilled water or other medium from a central source to multiple buildings through a network of pipes for use in space and process cooling. Individual user purchases chilled water from the district cooling system operator and for this system a central chiller plant, a pump house and a distribution pipeline network are required. Where there is substantial heating demand, the plant can also be designed to supply hot water using co-generation technology.

These District Cooling Plants can be further combined with Thermal Energy Storage systems such as:-

  • Ice Storage which is energy stored in solid or ice phase and ideal for small work areas with a relatively small footprint
  • Chilled Water Storage which is energy in the chilled water liquid phase and economically ideal for larger applications

District Cooling systems have several attributes that give them an advantage under certain conditions over conventional energy systems. By replacing many individual air-cooled split units from the individual building chiller system with one central cooling source, results in: -

  • Reduced capital and operating costs
  • Building owners no longer needs to operate, maintain chillers and replace chillers at the end of their life cycle
  • Bigger chillers have significantly better overall efficiency resulting in cost benefits from substantially lower electricity usage and reduced maintenance
  • Reduced Green House Gas Emissions and other pollutants
  • Improve building space utilization as an average of 75% of plant room space can be saved
  • Improve reliability and flexibility including air quality