Energy Efficiency Adaptions

Our energy efficiency optimization and adaption solutions incorporate performance-based methodologies that provide predictable savings plans.

Invest Energy is licensed by the Malaysian Energy Commission as an Energy Service Company (ESCO) to provide energy efficiency audits and consulting services for the purpose of optimization and adaption. We offer every sector a full suite of services throughout their asset life cycles which allows for predictable energy management and cost reduction while mitigating operation risk. Our aim is to establish a resilient integrated total energy solutions model capturing the entire value chain from Chiller Replacement Programs (CRP) to Energy Performance Audits (EPA) and Boiler Upgrading Programs (BUP).

An illustration of our entire value chain is provided below via the implementation of our various services:-

Our monitoring systems that allow us to further analyse operations and production via algorithms resulting in cost reductions and efficiency via predictive management. Our own command centre will then act as a “One-Stop Centre for Big Energy Data Analytics”. With advances in technology and particularly the adoption of “The Internet of Things” taking precedent across the Building Management System (BMS) and Energy Management System (EMS) industries, we continuously upgrade and enhance our products and services to take full advantage of the power of the Cloud and analytics.

At Invest Energy, we have a duty to create positive outcomes for all our stakeholders and by large the community itself protecting the environment we live and work in. In these challenging times, many organizations are looking at various ways to reduce their escalating energy cost besides the conventional methods of reducing headcount and disposal of assets.