Energy Financing

Our in-house Infrastructure-as-a-Service model provides flexibility around structuring projects

As part of our proprietary Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, our energy financing option leverages on our Sustainable Funding Partnership (SFP) program with global renewable energy funds for all sectors.

In line with our in-house Build, Own, Operate, Maintain & Transfer (BOOMT) as a project delivery model, the IaaS model ensures the client achieves cost savings and is part of the overall beneficial gain over a concessionary period as part of our IaaS.

All structures from the concession period to the IaaS solution is mutually agreed with the customer from the beginning to ensure a long-term partnership whereby both Invest Energy and customer are focused on their core activities. At the end of the concession, the ownership of the project is transferred to the customer or has an option to extend.

From initially developing our in-house portfolio of projects to now offering our EFP across South East Asia, we are committed to our vision of a decarbonized economy. We encompass a portfolio of structured solutions designed to bring our clients enhanced cash flows, comprehensive tax benefits and flexibility in asset management. Our multitude of services and solutions including our partnership network has strengthened our integrated capabilities as a one-stop-solution provider.

Our experience in the clean energy market enables renewable energy financing solutions that are flexible, efficient and result oriented. We support your business model in a dynamics environment through industry expertise and the flexibility to navigate any potential complications.

Therefore, no initial capital required to be invested from the customer!

"With us, understanding your capital concerns and business goals are one and the same. We alleviate the burden of your investment to allow your company to grow focusing on your core business."
Jasveen Pasricha, Executive Director, Corporate & Commercial