Industry Application & Benefits

Our technology offerings help businesses move ahead towards greater operational efficiency contributing towards the betterment of society

Industry Application

CHP or Co-generation for the various sectors delivers significant benefits predominately in three key areas; namely delivering cheaper stable power supply, secondary heat or cooling and improved environmental performance.

Improving Environmental Performance

Natural gas emits the lowest levels of carbon dioxide production and is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels. The gas engines generate electricity at the highest efficiencies making the greatest use of the fuel source. As compared to centralized power plants, we aim to reduce electricity losses associated to transmission and cost.


The benefits of cleaner renewable energy are extensive, positively impacting communities environmentally, socially and economically. Clean energy will create a better future, and it is crucial that we have a better road ahead so that the future generation can be passionate about the environment, healthy and effective voices of tomorrow.

We have a broad sustainability strategy, aimed at embedding sustainability into the culture and fabric of the organization and ensuring that sustainability becomes a core function that touches all aspects of our business. Our sustainability efforts closely align with our business and are organized with cross-functional engagement and strong governance.

  • Implementing a long-term roadmap to achieve our technology and cost leadership goals
  • Contributing to job creation and provides knowledge and technical skills transfer to the communities where we are present.
  • Support local firms and vendors for goods and services procurements.
  • The technologies that we offer result in substantial reduction of fuel consumption.
  • Committed to mitigate the carbon footprint and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Avoid procuring products from any supplier who relies on dangerous or harmful substances to the environment.
  • Maintain a safe workplace and promote an inclusive and diverse workforce
  • Provide staff with direct feedback and guidance on their work performance
  • Proactively engage stakeholders during development, construction, and operations, respecting and considering all points of view.
  • Apply our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics throughout the organization.
  • Regularly assess all risk parameters
  • Notify and brief essential partners, including contractors who represent us, of our strong Anti-Corruption Policy.
  • Assess skillsets of management and the Board of Directors when determining succession planning.