Operations & Maintenance


WE BELIEVE IN LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIPS. INVEST ENERGY’s one-stop shop solution concept is designed to provide its clients with a care free solution ensuring that maximum efficiencies and savings are achieved over the life-cycle of the project. We provide various types of operations and maintenance and preventive and corrective maintenance packages suited for various customer needs.

These include commissioning/start-up, servicing through our trouble shooting engineers as per maintenance contracts and 24-Hour Service Call Centre via remote monitoring and customer training programs to update customer’s supervisors and operators. Training is offered either on-site, Invest Energy training facility or at our partner’s facilities.

Our centralised remote monitoring command centre leverages on real-time software to capture building services data for translation into actionable output, enabling immediate analysis and quick decision making. The system allows us to detect and rectify any anomalies as they surface, thus optimising energy consumption and reducing the clients’ operational costs.

Through our advanced and innovative technology offerings, asset owners and operators can achieve energy savings via efficient energy management and optimisation of the asset’s energy performance while lowering carbon footprint.

INVEN is also further enhancing its in-house centralised monitoring command centre through partnerships to include data analytics for further cost benefits to the client. Please see our Energy Efficiency Solutions section to learn more.