Operations & Maintenance

We have experienced and competent field service specialist positioned to offer on-site support 24/7 to any location. On-site services include major inspection and repair, outage and maintenance services, long-term maintenance management for rotating equipment and operational and technical support.

Our experts will be available to advise customers on performance, offering solutions that could help increase productivity and reduce costly downtime. Workforce optimization, robust procedures around administration, operations, maintenance and reporting and managing workflow are just some of the areas where customers can benefit.

Our centralised remote monitoring command centre leverages on real-time software to capture building services data for translation into actionable output, enabling immediate analysis and quick decision making. The system allows us to detect and rectify any anomalies as they surface, thus optimising energy consumption and reducing the clients’ operational costs.

Invest Energy is also further enhancing its in-house centralised monitoring command centre through partnerships to include data analytics for further cost benefits to the client.

Our dedicated O&M team has the following qualities:-

  • Prompt skilled remote support
  • Smart customer-oriented team
  • Professional internal field support team
  • On-line helpdesk and machine book
  • Expertise with joint knowledge sharing and operation with technology suppliers
  • Continuous plant improvements