Invest Energy recognizes the complex technological world of energy, therefore, partnerships are formed with leading organizations around the world whom have in-depth industry knowledge and a documented history of success that support the Invest Energy ecosystem. These partners function at the forefront of innovation, driving dynamic solutions across their various industries. They will provide a meaningful impact in the usage of energy in our communities; foster sustainable economic development; and promote responsible business practices in our development.

Our technology partners and affiliates are not limited and on a case by case basis, we work with a multitude of other companies to ensure that the customised solutions provided to our clients are of highest standards and efficiency. This applies to all our divisions and projects from co-generation to waste heat recovery to biogas plants.

We seek partnerships with established, credible global, national and local organizations that are in the communities we have a business presence in. We contribute our knowledge, skills, financial and technical support to our partnerships and believe our contributions can help deliver long-term solutions to our local communities as well as globally.

An example of some of our partners that we are currently working with to solve real and underlying problems that align with our business include:

  1. Turboden S.r.l.
  2. General Electric Inc.
  3. Siemens A.G.
  4. Konpro Group
  5. KUB Malaysia Berhad


We join and collaborate with agencies, government organizations, and various bodies to help us always find solutions to the issues we face and contribute towards public policy especially in the development of the clean energy industry. Below are some of organizations we are registered and linked with:-

Please visit their websites for additional information.

  1. MAESCO – Malaysia Association of Energy Service Companies
  2. Energy Commission of Malaysia
  3. CIDB Malaysia
  4. Malaysian Dutch Business Council
  5. EUMCCI (EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry)
  6. Technological Association of Malaysia
  7. Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry