Invest Energy is committed to providing clean and affordable energy to the world in a responsible way; reducing our environmental impact; and improving the communities where we live and work. We are passionate about our goal to be the a leader in the mobilisation of clean and cheaper energy operating responsibly across the markets we serve. As a company we are grounded in a culture of trust and respect and this remains the standard by which we do business. We operate with integrity and accountability.

Our world faces complex challenges. Our partners have the breadth and scope given their global status to ascertain an unparalleled view – and with that broad perspective comes responsibility for everyone on the value chain. We know that with the talents and conviction of our employees, we can help meet the challenge of ensuring all people have access to clean and cheap energy.

We focus on meeting today’s needs without impairing the world’s capacity to serve future generations. Invest Energy’s responsibility extends beyond our own operations and achieving this will require collaboration with all stakeholders across developed and emerging markets. We strive to demonstrate measurable progress for our shareholders in line with our core values that we can control and influence. Our customers, shareholders, employees and communities count on us to uphold this commitment and our continued success depends on it. More importantly, we conduct our business with integrity and take pride in it. We compete vigorously, but do so fairly and ethically.

We ensure to our stakeholders and customers that we honour our business obligations, protect Invest Energy’s information, assets and interests to preserve the company for generations to come. We know our ability to grow as a company depends on the way we treat people, how we enrich our communities and how well we serve our customers. Through the efforts of our employees, Invest Energy is expected to grow profitably and grow responsibly to meet the needs of a diverse, expanding and interconnected world.



We encourage ideas and efforts to continuously strive to improve business processes and margins.


We value honesty, loyalty and reliability.


We are strong believers of being passionate hence why we love what we do.


We work as one family.


We strive for quality in everything we do to ensure long-term relationships.


All our stakeholder’s, collaboration and joint venture partners are aligned via collective strategy & goals. They have access to resources to assist in projects and venture and a well-structured communication network and relationship between foreign and local counterparts. IT will be a key enabler going forward to ease the process including strategic tie-ups.

That said, the profitable growth of our company to build value for our shareholders and employees is our priority.


The foundation behind the company’s growth and continuance are the founders and advisors, whose vision and commitment to excellence and building relationships will grow the company into a well-respected company positioned for future growth.