Technological Advisory & Consultancy

Our project experience allows us to understand complex problems and originate sustainable solutions

Invest Energy provides alternative energy consulting services to help find the right sustainable energy solutions. The field of alternative energy industry can be complicated and it demands the expertise of a dedicated and experienced professional team to develop as well as implement alternative renewable energy strategies. The team understands the technology marketplace and has the acumen to bring stakeholders together for profitable business collaboration. As our customer, we guarantee you our dedication to excellent services will help identify the most favourable opportunities and funding options to make your project commercially viable.

These include commissioning/start-up, servicing through our trouble shooting engineers as per maintenance contracts and 24-Hour Service Call Centre via remote monitoring and customer training programs to update customer’s supervisors and operators. Training is offered either on-site, Invest Energy training facility or at our partner’s facilities.

Who needs energy consulting services? Energy consulting solutions can include commercial energy auditing for buildings, controls, systems and processes. Our consultants will use this data to analyse and make recommendations to increase energy efficiency of buildings and facilities. We will provide net cost analysis which includes financing, tax credits and incentives to reduce total project costs.

Energy management systems are important in energy consultant services because they provide both energy demand management and control solutions. A commercial energy demand monitoring and reporting are necessary to improve energy efficiency. Our energy consulting services will result in energy cost savings and help customers to be more environmentally friendly.

"Our commitment to our clients are of paramount importance. We work to achieve efficient, and cost effective goals maintaining high professional standards."